• Small Uneven areas:
    The supply and spreading of seedmix with a Handseeder,. Sites are normally prepared and levelled, then lightly scarified before we start seeding by hand. This method is usefull and economical.
  • Small Even, level areas
    We will use the Gandi dropseeder .
  • Slightly Bigger Even areas ( eg sport fields & Golf Courses & paddocks )
    The Fine-Seed seeder machine is pulled behind a tractor and is a faster and easier seeding method on level areas only. Most of our seed mixes usually consist of summer and winter germinators. This will allow there to be growth all year round excluding extreme hot conditions. Fertilisers are usually applied before  to assist with germination but it is very important that the irrigation of these sites be monitored at all times to allow growth of the seedlings. Traffic is another problem that needs to be controlled to allow the grow – in period of the grass to take place.

seeding1 seeding2