This is the quickest and most effective way to establish grass and coverage on undulated / slope areas. It is more economical than instant lawns and  fields and is a less time consuming manner of establishment.

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Small Uneven areas:
The supply and spreading of seedmix with a Handseeder,. Sites are normally prepared and levelled, then lightly scarified before we start seeding by hand. This method is usefull and economical.

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We can supply any types of seeds from the registered seed company.
All seeds are certified and registered according to the Government Seed Act 28 of 1961
( or amendment thereof )
Below is just some examples of what we have to offer with many more on request :

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Roll-on-Lawn is your fast and effective way of getting that perfect, instant grassing effect . When laying the lawn it is important to get each sod pushed firmly up against the other. Packing the lawn tightly and firmly together helps the lawn grow-in better and offers the client that impressive instant lawn appearance. On slopes we peg this with small wooden stakes or protect this with bio-degradable jute netting to prevent erosion  and unbalanced growth of the lawn. When the lawn has been carefully placed, we lightly dress this with fertiliser and water the lawn with a garden hose to ensure the water soaks through. These two elements will stimulate the grow – in phase of the lawn.

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The supply and staking of Soilsaver ( bio-degradable jute netting )
This netting acts as erosion protection for our embankments in accordance with hydroseeding or staking of instant lawn. It aids in maintaining the encline gradient of terrain and yet still allows the  grass or plants to grow into the ground and form their stabilising roots before they can be dislodged by natural means.

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