Roll on Lawn is your fast and effective way of getting that perfect, instant grassing effect. When laying the lawn it is important to get each sod pushed firmly up against the other. Packing the lawn tightly and firmly together helps the lawn grow-in better and offers the client that impressive instant lawn appearance. On slopes we peg this with small wooden stakes or protect this with bio-degradable jute netting to prevent erosion  and unbalanced growth of the lawn. When the lawn has been carefully placed, we lightly dress this with fertiliser and water the lawn with a garden hose to ensure the water soaks through. These two elements will stimulate the grow – in phase of the lawn.

Types of Roll on Lawn we supply:

Cynodon Dactylon ( Kaapse Kweek ),this indigenous grass requires full sun, therefore dormant in winter months . It can tolerate a moderate amount of traffic over it. It can be used on golf courses, public parks, sports fields and domestic developement areas.

Buffalo, this is a well established brand of lawn in South Africa. Buffalo  is a great choice for areas that don’t receive sun all day as it has a high shade tolerance. This lawn is  also slow growing and therefore has a reputation of being a low maintenance product.

Kikuyu, this is the most common lawn used in South Africa’s gardens. Kikuyu requires full sun. In shaded or semi shaded areas kikuyu lawn thins out. Kikuyu grows very fast and is therefore high maintenance lawn and should be mowed at least once a week.

Quotations available on request as m² & location of site & type of grass required influences price

roll on lawn prior to laying