Established in 2007, this company in affiliation with Salok Hydro Grass, has proven time and again to use environmentally friendly methods to excel in wind – erosion protection and fynbos rehabilitation . Managed and Directed by Mr Armand Louw , he and his team assist various civil contractors with straw stabilisation to control ground levels before building takes place and prevent  erosion.

B-BBEE verified – Level 4 Contributor
Registered with TradeWorld & Supplier Chain Management of Stellenbosch Municipality and City of Cape Town

Straw stabilisation

  • Environmentally friendly and economical
  • Straw bales are separated by hand and evenly spread in a uniform layer to the ground.
  • The straw is incorporated and ploughed into the sand with  specialised discs. This is our patent method. This method protects the soil surface from impact from the rain and extreme windy conditions that can dislodge the soil particles which would hamper the levels of the ground.
  • The method via machine is only possible on flat surface areas. Only on certain slope areas that are stable enough and of a sufficient gradient  can handle this method. This is because one needs to ensure that the ground can safely support construction equiptment without contributing to compaction and instability problems.
  • Most sloped / enclined and  smaller areas  require special attention by manual labour. This is where the specialists manually punch the straw into the ground with the equiptment provided to obtain the exact same effect as what the machine would do.
  • With the straw being pressed into the ground, the straw fibres stand up like spikes acting as wind shields.
  • These methods stated above also helps in the hydroseeding process to prevent wind erosion and giving them enough time to grow -in.
  • Straw is a temporary wind erosion prevention and control measure.
  • Straw is biodegradable therefore will eventually form part of the fertiliser of soil.

Quotations available on request as m² area ,  location of site and  type of gradient of site determines the cost involved.

straw stabilisation wind erosion prevention