This is the quickest and most effective way to establish grass and coverage on undulated and slope areas. It is more economical than instant lawns and  fields and is a less time consuming manner of establishment.

The seedmix , gels/mulch, soilbinders and fertilisers are mixed together in a specialised hydroseeding tank with water and evenly sprayed onto the terrain  in one smooth,easy operation. Germination of the seeds are enhanced through this combination method. Aquasorb is mixed in with the seed to aid in water retention and germination.

The seedmix is weed free. However, weed seed is almost always present in natural soil and must be monitored at all times to prevent uncontrollable spreading.

Topsoil is not always required but is preferred and makes the growth easier if the terrain is very clay like. Large hectars of land can be done in this fast method and especially suitable for uneven , sloped large areas and road verges.

hydro-seeding truck hydroseeding